Jonathan D. Lippincott - Lippincott Book Design
I began my publishing career in 1994 at Farrar, Straus and Giroux, where I rose to design manager. Since 1999 I have also worked independently as art director, designer, and packager on a range of illustrated books about fine art, architecture, landscape, and design. 

Archives and Publications
I am actively looking for opportunities to collaborate with artists, architects, and designers, as well as cultural institutions, to organize, publish, and, where appropriate, place their archives.
The subjects of both my books, Large Scale and Robert Murray: Sculpture, each had substantial archives of high-quality photographs and negatives, as well as relevant books, catalogs, and other ephemera. However, neither of these archives had been fully sorted and organized, or reviewed with an eye to publication. I undertook these tasks, identifying and creating a list of all the images, as well as writing bibliographies, lists of exhibitions, and other relevant texts that would be needed to write a monograph (and some of which also appeared in the published books.) During and after this work, I explored possible institutions which might ultimately house these archives. The photographic archive of Lippincott, Inc. presented in part in Large Scale, will go to the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Robert Murray’s archive will go to the National Gallery of Canada.

Book Packaging
Through close collaboration, I work with clients to create the publications they want and that will best serve their needs, as well as helping them navigate a variety of distribution options from traditional publishing houses to print-on-demand. My extensive experience in publishing, with book design, production, printing, and distribution, allows me to guide this process from concept to finished book. In addition, my partnership with the publisher Design Books offers the option of international distribution to stores and online retailers. For architects, artists, landscape designers, and others, documenting their creative output in brochures, catalogs, and books is a crucial part both of creating an historical record and of promoting interest in their work.

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